The start of my learning journey

This is the start of my learning journey. More on that buzzword later …

I have only recently been exposed to the world of Twitter, blogging, BETT (and other) conferences, toolkits, online CPD and meet up groups such as Teach meet London. For some reason I just keep seeming to throw myself in. The power of collaboration has been unleashed.

In this blog, I will try to make sense of all of this information. I think a lot about my own teaching practice and in truth need somewhere to reflect and vent about things that work, things that don’t and everything in between.

Things coming up for reflection:

  • First meeting of NAHT Edge Advisory Council,
  • My first ever Teach meet at Teach Meet London,
  • The first WETSA Middle Leader Program CPD session,
  • The power of collaboration in and outside of school,
  • Oh and working out why my one year old thinks sleep is a game and what to get my wife for our third wedding anniversary? (garage flowers?) #Teacherproblems


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